Meet Our Staff & Family

     For the first year following Dr. Long’s 1959 graduation from Cornell Univ. Veterinary School, he worked for a veterinarian in Frederick, MD. He then spent 14 years at a mixed practice he purchased in Cuba, NY, treating both large and small animals. He also served on the school board for 3 years.  Dr. Long was a charter member and secretary of the Rotary Club, and even took flying lessons. 

     In November 1974 Dr. Long relocated to California, working for the state in disease control until he could pass the state & national boards for a CA license. He worked for a small animal practice in Redondo Beach plus nights & weekends at 2 Emergency Clinics. Dr. Long started a practice in Huntington Beach, CA in June 1976 and sold it in 1987. From there he moved to Temecula, where he did relief veterinary work: spays, neuters, and emergencies in approximately 80 different hospitals throughout Southern California. In 1993 he started another practice in the growing town. In January 2001 Dr. Long left the practice to prepare himself for back surgery that June. After a 4 month recovery, Dr. Long slowly began to do relief work again. In 2002 he moved to Hampstead, Maryland. While always dreaming of finding a site for his own clinic, he continued to do small animal relief work in MD & PA. 

     In August 2008 he opened Dog & Cat Surgery and Wellness Clinic in the former Tinkers Tavern at Pavilion, NY. He and his wife, formerly Sharon Jahnke Yates – an accomplished 30+ year portrait painter of Cuba, NY, have downsized this practice due to the present economy. However, they continue to pursue his over 30 year mission to improve not only the critical human animal bond, BUT the health of every dog & cat they can reach with the surgery he designed and developed over 35 years and performed on over 3,200 patients – successfully.

As of May, 2010 Dr. Long has moved to 56 Harvester Ave. in Batavia where he continues to practice and work closely with various animal shelters and rescues offering low cost spays and neuters along with routine office visits.